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AKOYA CONSTRUCTION LLC Health and Safety Policy

AKOYA CONSTRUCTION LLC holds health and safety as a core business value and is committed to creating a future free of incidents and
injuries, where:
Leadership, passion and commitment are present at all levels working safely enhance quality, improves productivity and generates
We have a well trained and fully competent workforce who actively contributes to the safe planning of their work.
We take pride in everyone returning home safely every day.
The company recognizes the importance of discharging all its statutory obligations and duties.
Our minimum health and safety obligations are those required by relevant legislation and authoritative guidance.

AKOYA CONSTRUCTION LLC will take appropriate steps to meet and in many cases enhance these requirements.

The Board of Directors of AKOYA CONSTRUCTION LLC fully endorse this policy.
They will ensure that a documented Health, Safety & Environmental Management System is maintained, containing the
arrangements and organizational details of how these requirements will be achieved.
The Boards will ensure that the Management System is periodically reviewed to ensure it remains legally compliant, achievable,
relevant and credible.
Continual improvement will be achieved by effective implementation of the above.
Everyone working for AKOYA CONSTRUCTION is required to support and promote this policy and comply with the requirements and
duties contained in the SMS – Safety Management System.

Managing Director
For and on behalf of AKOYA CONSTRUCTION L.L.C.

Quality policy

AKOYA CONSTRUCTION L.L.C. is committed to the delivery of quality products and services.
The objectives of our quality policy (which forms part of our vision) will be
To change the image of construction worldwide to be lean and agile in adopting work processes to complete with the world’s
leading business.
The board of Directors of AKOYA CONSTRUCTION L.L.C. are committed to ensuring that this Policy is implemented safely and in
line with legislation, regulations, codes of practice, Quality Management Systems by all employees within the group.
Continual improvement shall be achieved through the implementation of the Transformation Team, Business improvement
teams, business objectives, audit, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review.

Managing Director
For and on behalf of AKOYA CONSTRUCTION L.L.C